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New Website

MegaBassMan13 a posted Jul 8, 12
I am going to set up a new website.  The address will be
antontoast I tried the IP that was on the NEWS, and it didn't work... I am wondering if the server is even up still! ?

MegaCraft PvP!

MegaBassMan13 a posted Jul 3, 12
I have decided to go with DrunkMexic4n's idea (read the MegaLapisCraft thread).  So now MegaCraft will be PvP!  I will reset the map, sadly.  Please read the thread for more info.


MegaBassMan13 a posted Jun 29, 12
MegaCraft may combine with our UltraMod's server LapisCraft!  For more info, go to the following link:

MegaCraft Now Public!

MegaBassMan13 a posted May 26, 12
MegaCraft has now gone public!  Yay!
nivlacvos awesome
Ninja™ yes adam, its 24/7
UnknownSpartan Is it 24/7?

MegaCraft Down

MegaBassMan13 a posted May 8, 12
MegaCraft will be down until I pay the invoice.  Once it is up, the invoice will be paid and I will be sure to pay the invoices as soon as possible now.
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